Solar Energy: The Next Big HVAC Revenue Source

Tap into solar energy and find a wealth of new business coming your way. With the tax stimulus incentive decline, the HVAC industry has found itself looking for new ways to grab customers - and solar energy could be just that.

Its enormous benefits for your customers and business model include:

Customers not convinced solar energy is for them? Install a solar-ready system, and add on solar panels later (Lennox® offers the SunSource Home Energy System). It keeps you in contact with the customer, and allows a softer launch for less progressive residential consumers.

Home Value
Add value onto your customer's home with the latest in HVAC technology. Homeowners will see a bigger return on investment, depending on how they utilize their system's solar energy. Aside from added value, talk about a conversation piece for the neighbors.

Generous Tax Credits
Aside from the renewed 2011 tax credits for all other HVAC installments having a stricter limit, solar panels and water heaters have looser guidelines. The government will pay for up to 30 percent of the total cost (including installation) with no upper limit. This credit expires by the end of 2016. It's also important to note that some U.S. regions have additional incentives.

Start offering and introducing solar energy to your customers and tap into this HVAC industry gold mine.

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