It's all about speaking the customer's language

Would you make a sales pitch to a client in the United States in Mandarin? I didn't think so. Then why would you use HVAC jargon when speaking to a customer who doesn't understand it?

Instead, try speaking their everyday language and experience positive results. I know changing behaviors can be a challenge, but here's how to get started:

Learn your customer's language

While the HVAC industry has its own set of jargon, your customers don't understand these terms. Instead, you need to learn how to speak the language of your customers through active listening. Customers are looking for somebody who will tell them in direct, coherent terms what they need and how to get it.

Earn their trust

Speaking the same language as your customers will make your products and business easily accessible, building a loyal client base. By spending time speaking clearly, they are more likely to continue to use your company and recommend it to friends.

Give your company the competitive edge

The best way to make a sale is to lay it out in terms your customer understands - it puts you on an equal playing field. Through making your company accessible, you are gaining an edge over the competition. The trust of your clients will result in their repeat business.

Speaking to your customer in accessible terms will not only help with in-person sales, but will also help with potential clients finding your business online. Try to think in the terms of your client - tag you website with those terms to help people find it easier.

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