Specialized HVAC training is the new black

I'm going to come out and say it - the service industry has a large skills gap. And skills are extremely important for the job, especially when you're in HVAC.

That's where specialized training comes in. Rather than generalized training, tailor your technician's or salesperson's experience. Classes like the Virtual Build-A-Tech are customizable with a simulated learning environment that puts the technician in the customer's home and on-the-job.

Here's why specialized training will benefit you:

Hire now, train now.

Training doesn't have to mean long days in a room with white boards and thick manuals. With digital training, you can hire employees and keep your business running smoothly while they explore modules and earn certifications. Employees can also get to work right away and complete training during down time or from home.

Prevent excessive turnover rates.

The service industry has one of the highest turnover rates according to snapshotz.com. It's expensive to constantly replace employees and they aren't leaving because of lack of work; they're bored.

Invest in giving your employees specialized training that fits your business. They'll stay longer and you'll not only profit from saving on turnover costs, but you'll have a specialized task force that knows the ins and outs of your HVAC business.

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