Stand up against mediocre HVAC service

You're in the HVAC industry, so you're aware of the industry reputation. Needless to say, it's not as sunny as the weather in Texas. Bad customer service is something all of us face, and none of us tolerate. The bad news? We're tolerating mediocre customer service.

Why is this? Why does less-than-desirable customer service plague us? We're all capable of great customer service, so why are we only giving 50% on a daily basis?

Maybe it's time for a self-evaluation. Are you being the best example of a leader? Maybe it's time for a team evaluation. Have you hired the best candidates for the job? Conduct an honest team assessment.

What about your work-environment? Are your employees happy with the work culture? Is there something you could improve within the company to make it better for those outside the company? Are you utilizing all your resources to best reach your audience?

What do you think?

Is the industry reputation likely to change? Or is it a given that a service used by virtually all Americans is going to get a bad rap? Do you think the industry's reputation has improved or worsened over the last five, ten years?

It's going to be a team effort, folks. Don't let your team tolerate the mediocre. Stand up against it.

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