Starting an HVAC business on the right foot

Starting an HVAC business should be an exciting time and one to establish a business model that will carry you far past the first 5 years. It's critical to develop a mission statement you can stick by and adhere to from the very beginning and adjust only as needed as your company grows.

Here are a few things every new HVAC businessperson should know:

1. The Basics

Decide what tasks and which employees you need to hire. You can only keep up the company as a one-man band for so long before needing to hire licensed crew, office staff, and bookkeeping. Also, make sure you budget for appropriate equipment and backup gear. Always prepare for the worst to make your business withstand the heat.Read More.

2. Be Disciplined

The hardest thing you'll ever do is be your own boss. For unorganized owners, it can prove disastrous. Managing time and knowing your limits is very important, and vital to business growth.

3. Invest in Training

Each employee benefits from HVAC/business training, and it will help grow your company's reputation, as well as provide a recruitment incentive. Enroll them in both specialized courses, and courses everyone can take. [insert hyperlink to blog about everyone in same classroom.]

However, when your company starts to grow, it faces new challenges, like process changes and micro versus macro-management.

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