Stop the Bleeding: Losing Good Employees


We are in a highly competitive industry. You stay on top of advancements, you hire good employees, but how do you keep them? If you're having a problem with employee retention, do some troubleshooting to "stop the bleeding," and create an environment that helps your employees grow and flourish.

1. Identify the problem.

They say the first step is the hardest, and it's true here. If you just ask your employees outright, it could get tense, but you can investigate without intimidation with a blind survey.

2. Invest in your employees and create opportunities for advancement.

This can be a leap of faith for a business owner, but identifying and encouraging talent and providing continuing education inspires employees and creates loyalty. Promote classes/seminars, and inform employees of the professional benefits. You can also inspire by making continuing education a priority for yourself. Consider what you have to offer in terms of growth and advancement. Do not underestimate the power of promotion.

3. Offer incentives and have some fun.

A little healthy competition can be a good thing. Offering sales incentives, rewards, or just-for-fun contests can be a great way to improve morale. Relaxing as a group and listening to your employees blow off steam can give you invaluable insight.

Show your employees that you care by listening to their concerns, inspiring them to advance, and creating a team atmosphere. You'll see improvements in employee retention and an overall boost in company morale.

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