Strategizing your HVAC specials and promotions

With the economy still on the mend, coupons and sales promotions can be the perfect way to bring new business to your company, as well as build customer loyalty.

If done correctly, these deals can help your HVAC company increase sales as well as help your company recover from the hit it has taken due to the troubled economy. Here are 4 easy steps to get a coupon out and circulating.

  1. Decide on your deal. This can either be one of your most popular services or one that you'd like to promote. Make sure the deal you are promoting is relevant - with summer coming up your customers are looking to have their AC checked out, not their heating system. Be careful not to discount too steeply though, or else your customers will feel that your regular prices are too much.
  2. Choose your medium. Do you want to send your coupon out in print or online? Your target demographic is key to this choice - do they have a strong online presence or are more likely to see a classic clip-and-save coupon?
  3. Distribute your coupon to your clients. Share your coupon and specials in any way that you can - blog about it, send it out to your email list, leave flyers on your business's counter and look into services like Groupon or
  4. Wait for your customer's response. Don't be discouraged if you don't receive the response you hoped for - take a look at the coupon and find a way to improve on it.

What's been your most successful promotional offer yet?

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