Take time off for the holidays…

Without dropping customers, or calls.

Taking time off can do us a world of good, especially when family, friends and the holidays are here. Give your technicians and Comfort Advisors some time off, but plan carefully; sometimes the holidays are an incredibly busy time for HVAC.

You can still serve your customers and take time off that you need.
Here are a few ways you can do both:

Tap into partnerships

Are you partnered with other businesses? If not, you should be. Develop a plan to serve your customers together. Two companies working toward a goal are better than one.

Designate on-call employees

Ask who is staying in town during the holidays and designate those people for on-call duty. It's not ideal, but it can prevent unanswered calls and angry customers.

Use the honor system

If you have a designated employee taking holiday calls, let them have a few extra days off next year (or the days following a holiday), to make up for it. They’ll appreciate it.

Sometimes, just a few days away from work is all you need to feel rejuvenated. Be conscious of your team’s mental health needs around holiday season. It’s easy to experience burn out, especially when everyone is stretched thin. You’ll get better productivity from your people when they’re rested and refreshed. It’s also a good way to say you appreciate their service.

Make sure you're stocked up with the parts and supplies to handle customer needs over the holidays.

A well-trained team is better able to handle stresses of a holiday rush. Is everyone in your crew ready to check and troubleshoot two-stage heating? This 23-minute online training teaches how this increasingly popular system setup works, troubleshooting, and comparing different products.

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