The Benefits of Bringing Your Child to Work

On April 25th, take advantage of "Take Your Child To Work Day" by showing your sons and daughters the ropes behind your HVAC business. Not only is it a bonding experience for you and your children, but also a great opportunity for your child to see what you do at work and start discussing their future. After all, the future of your business could be in your children.

Before bringing your child to work, let them know what your schedule will be like for the day. Explain what they will be seeing and doing ahead of time so they know what to expect. To get them excited about spending the day together, talk to them about what you love about your job and how you can't wait to share it with them.

Make sure you have activities planned for them while you are doing work - these activities could include shadowing another adult in the company that they know and are comfortable with, doing "work" of their own like coloring or quietly playing a game. If you need some educational and fun ideas, check out the Take your Daughters and Sons to Work Foundation's activity center.

Bringing your child to your workplace is a good way to teach them about keeping up with responsibilities, not only in their future professional lives, but also at school and home. For older children, it's also a practical way to explore a future professional option. Your children will also develop an appreciation for your occupation through realizing how hard you work to support your family.

Do you plan on participating in Take Your Child to Work Day this year?

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