Talk to Your Team Like you Talk to Your Customers

Benefit from a more successful business by paying as much attention to your team as you do your customers.

What makes your staff happy? The key is truly caring about them and having the means to execute morale-boosting actions. Here are a few tips from's work life specialist.

Having a confidant at work - someone to talk about day-to-day work, goals, and life - is important to retention. Whether it's the senior salesperson who's in charge of recruiting or a fellow technician, both can provide immense benefits to the team.

Give them room to take on more work responsibilities. That means freedom to teach fellow employees, taking interns under their wing, or developing policies to better the company's future. In other words, let them take ownership of their job.

Training - I'm talking about more than showing a new technician a training DVD on day one. Give them a good mix of e-learning courses, the means to get NATE certified (if they aren't already), and on-the-job instruction. This develops feelings of accomplishment and gives you an experienced staff that you'll retain for years to come.

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