Technology Upgrades

In today's world, you must constantly be thinking about how your business can incorporate the latest and greatest technology. Before you upgrade your software this fall, there are a few factors to understand about how this change can affect your business.

There's been a huge movement in our industry to go mobile and paperless, making now the perfect time to consider a technology upgrade. Investing in a paperless environment allows technicians to feed data directly to your software and use resources such as DaveNet® to research information instantly, and it helps employees in the office to maintain a smooth workflow.

Choosing the right software for your business depends on several aspects:

  • Size - Smaller companies can manage their business by utilizing a basic accounting system like QuickBooks. As your company grows, you should consider purchasing advanced software packages that integrate modules such as electronic dispatching, accounting, and sales management in one system to simplify the process.
  • Need - Think about what specific business needs you're trying to address and whether you're looking for a system with a residential replacement and service focus or one to manage new construction projects.
  • Users - Managing a larger company means more users need to interact with the system. As your team becomes more dynamic, your software should follow suit.
  • Business changes - If you're making significant company changes, such as adding satellite locations, advanced software can help in the transition.

Once you determine what kind of technology upgrades your business needs, do extensive research on available solutions. It's easy to miss opportunities in the vast assortment of software available, so take time to ensure you know which selection is best for you.

It's important to remember that transferring data from your current system to a new one is not an easy task, so undergoing a technology upgrade can be a long process. You should also think about expenses involved in a software change, such as company training and updating hardware.

Simply put, better software provides better solutions. You can improve margins and streamline administrative processes to reduce overhead just by upgrading to a more advanced system.

Guest blogger Gary Oetker is the Lennox Business Coach and a consultant for HVAC Learning Solutions.

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