Test Your Solar Selling Savvy

Your HVAC customers ask about solar energy- do you know how to answer?

Though it may not have been a question you were required to answer a few years ago, the demand is increasing. Are you behind or ahead of the curve?

If you're behind, here are a few tips to get you up-to-speed on the growing trend:

Product Training
Do the product lines you sell offer solar? Consider Lennox®, for instance. Their newest SunSource product acts as an HVAC system in which you have the option to add on solar panels (perfect for financing out such a large investment). Product lines usually include specified training, so ask your manager about training to sell solar products.

Do Your Own Research
On your own time, ask neighbors and friends what they know about solar. Find out what the general community is talking about and how they're responding to the new offerings. Perhaps it's something they've never thought of - or maybe it's abuzz. This will aid you when talking to customers and see which perspective they're coming from.

Whether you're talking to a demographic well-educated about solar energy or one that didn't even know it was a residential option, you should be armed to answer all questions. Become your own solar energy expert.

Still Hungry?

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