The 3 M's of Maintenance Agreements

Emergency service is essential for customer retention and good for quick business, but locking down your maintenance plans will prevent the need for emergency service and help you retain customers.

When discussing routine maintenance and the importance of a regular plan, I want you to remember the 3Ms of maintenance agreements - money, misery, and mechanics.

  • Money: Maintenance plans save the customer money, so give them an idea of how much money they will be saving by investing in a regular plan. A good example is to estimate the cost of full replacement of a major part and compare that with the overall price of the maintenance plan. Sometimes a little perspective goes a long way.
  • Misery: No one likes to be without frosty air conditioning in sweltering heat. Take this opportunity to explain to the customer when and why the maintenance is scheduled. Another good tactic is to give the customer an idea of how many repair calls were received last summer in his or her area.
  • Mechanics: Having an HVAC technician look at the unit a few times a year prevents minor issues from turning into major ones. Remind the customer what parts have routine wear and what it costs to replace them if her or she doesn't have a maintenance agreement.

What tactics do you use to sell your maintenance plans?

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