The 5 Traits of Superhero HVAC Technicians

HVAC technicians have the super power to make or break business - they're the last ones to finish the job, and they can influence buying decisions more than salespeople.

How can you harness your technician power for good? Here are some tips from our classic superheroes:


Are you approaching situations with a reactive or proactive strategy? It's good to know how to fix a problem - it's great to know how to fix it before it becomes a problem. The ability to foresee potential problems and resolve them separates the expert and the mediocre.


Do you show up when you say you will? Are you consistent? Encourage people to have high expectations for you and make habit of fulfilling their expectations.


It's great to have knowledge of your products and services-but what about the industry as a whole? What can you enlighten your customers with? You build your professional credibility when you build your knowledge. Hint: Gaining knowledge starts with training. Get NATE certified through continuing education courses.


Are you an enthusiastic, self-motivator or do you need others to encourage you? Do you daydream when it's a slow day or do you brainstorm ways to better your performance, increase your clients, or fine-tune your skills? Your true character shows through what you do when no one is looking.


Are you letting your passion for your skills shine through your work? When your mentality is positive, your days are better, and people will want to be around you more. Keep your outlook towards the sky and your spirits will stay uplifted.

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