The $500 conversation: turning leads into sales

By Mike Moore

Let me start by saying that no lead is a guaranteed sale. What you do with the leads you get determines whether or not you'll be successful in your sales goals. That said, the cost of a qualified lead may cost up to $500. Here's how to reduce that number and secure that sale.

Time is money. Long-winded sales pitches aren't fun for you or the person who's listening. The longer you spend talking, the more chance there is for a prospect to lose interest. Keep your sales pitches short and on-point. Here's a blog I wrote on a 1-minute sales pitch.

Use word-of-mouth. It's free, but it requires you to buckle down on your business culture. You won't be able to take advantage of this one unless you're worthy of it because it depends on what the customers think of you.

Train your techs. $5,000 to train a tech? It may seem like a lot at first, but the alternative is more expensive - employee turnover which can cost $10,000 per employee. It's more economical, and in my opinion, ethical, to train and build an employee who will sell hard and stay with you years to come.

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