The art of creating authentic sales differentiation

So you want to differentiate yourself from others in the HVAC industry when selling. You don't want to sound cheesy, and you want to be authentic about it. Here's the perfect equation for authentic sales differentiation:

  1. Be nice. No one wants to hear staged sales pitches. While you should be knowledgeable about what you're selling, ask yourself who you'd rather hear from - a boring sales machine, or a nice guy trying to have a conversation? If you make yourself the type of person you'd like to hang out with, your customers will want to hang out with you too (and hear what you have to say).
  2. Sell the value. Don't just sell the product. Sure, this 3-ton unit may be the newest offering, but why should the customer care about it? They want to know what it would mean for them. Lower heating and cooling costs, fewer allergens, quieter air-flow - all important selling points and points of value.
  3. Give the customer power. When you go to a restaurant, you like to know that you can order something the way you want it. No tomatoes? No problem. The same goes for anything else you're trying to sell to someone. Customers need to know they have the ability to choose which features they prefer, and if you can offer variety, you'll hit the sales differentiation target.

1+2+3 = authentic sales. Drop me a tweet about how you authentically set yourself apart from your competition @HVACLearning

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