The art of hiring

August is a season of change for many people. Some people are starting school and others are graduating college and entering the work force. Leases expire, people move and jobs change. I'm going to tell you how to use this season of change to your potential. Get ready to create the best staff your business has ever had.

A manager's responsibility

Among all the manager's responsibilities, hiring staff is one of the most crucial. These people represent the business, interact with customers, and directly influence the success or failure of the company. It is up to the manager to create a diverse staff with complimentary skills, personalities, and experiences.

A manager's guide

The art of hiring just the right employee is more than just a list of skills and years of experience on a resume. You have to get to know the job candidate on a personal level.

Getting to know the candidate

  • Conduct a phone interview. You can deduce a lot about a person from phone presence alone. Did they call back in a timely fashion? Does their voice evoke confidence?
  • Conduct a follow up face-to-face interview. You may want to do this outside of the office. Meeting on neutral ground, like a coffee shop, may make the candidate more comfortable. You'll get a better sense of who they are as a person.
  • Contact a reference. Why did they leave their last job? Where did they attend college? References are a powerful resource for managers. Don't overlook them.


Would you conduct an interview out of the office? Why or why not? 


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