The busy season is over - what now?

Do we just melt away after a hot, busy summer? No. It's budget season, winter is just around the corner, and this is prime time to get your goals in order and accomplished.

You may be asking, "Where do I start?" Here are some guidelines:

  • It's time to get trained. Schedule and commit to classes. Has your team always wanted to learn more about customer service? Do your technicians still need training on a new product? Is your sales team getting rusty? Now is prime time to train.
  • Review that 2013 plan. Your 2013 plan may have been pushed aside in busier times, but now is a great time to finalize and get your groups together for action.
  • Host a team day. An interactive "team day" is a great way to get everyone out of the office. That could mean training and discussion during the day, and happy hour by night. A day out also gives everyone new inspiration.

How do you spend time in the off seasons?

Still Hungry?

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