The coupon savvy customer's secrets

Your HVAC customers want more bang for their buck, but how should you handle those coupon savvy customers without giving away your services? By keeping these helpful discount hints in mind, your customer will not only be satisfied but also reassured that they got the best deal possible.

  • Focus on value: Value before cost. Money-conscious customers tend to get caught up in the dollar, instead of what they're truly getting out of the product. Focus on quality of life, comfort, and other perks.
  • Referral program: If your customer is looking for above and beyond benefits and freebies, a referral program is easy and enticing to the customer. This will generate more (staying) business for you and benefit your customer as well.
  • Special one-time offers: Sometimes larger packages and upgrades can be difficult to sell. For example, a solar upgrade can be presented with a time-sensitive offer that will make your customer more inclined to act quickly and purchase an upgrade. Offer free installation or an installation rebate if a customer chooses to purchase the promotional upgrade.

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