The feedback you forgot to measure

You've worked in the HVAC industry for a while. You've paid your dues and made it this far. You know how to run a business. You've done it for years. You know the ropes. But there is one thing you didn't know.

What if I told you there is still something missing from your business strategy? That's right. There is still one type of feedback you're not leveraging: your employees.

Retrieving the feedback

How do you get honest opinions from your employees? You have several options.

  • Try a classic suggestion box. Invite your employees to leave handwritten notes of constructive feedback to improve the workplace.
  • Create an internal e-mail address. Your team can e-mail this address when situations arise. This is great to utilize when employees have a lot on their mind.
  • Set up meeting times. Sometimes the best information is found when you're face to face. Schedule that time on a monthly basis with your staff.
  • Host a "food & feedback" lunch. Buy sandwiches for the team and create a friendly environment for everyone to say what they like and don't like about the current business culture.

Implementing changes

Now that you know what needs to change, how will you act on it? Create an action plan. Involve your team. Hold them accountable for these changes.

Maintaining momentum

Don't forget to follow up on your progress. You went through all the trouble to retrieve and implement feedback, so you better figure out a way to maintain it and measure it. Have you kept your employees accountable for the changes that needed to be made?

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