The HVACLS checklist for relocating your business

You may be ready to move your business for many reasons - to be closer to your customers, to save money, or to be in a nicer neighborhood for good impressions. Here's a checklist that will help smooth out your transition and keep your business profitable.

Have a reason - don't move just because you have a hunch. You need to back up your ideas with hard numbers, not just for your own peace of mind, but because your employees need to be on board too. Can you get the same space for less money somewhere else? How will drivers be affected? Is there opportunity for more growth where you're planning on going?

Retain customers - you need to let your customers know that you're moving. Put it on your website and social media, have techs tell customers when they go on calls, and put a notice up on your storefront. Also remember to let review sites know of an address change. This is especially important if you'll be changing your phone number. There's nothing more frustrating for a customer than trying to locate you and ending up at the wrong place.

Take care of the paperwork - this is especially important if you're moving to another state. If you maintain your business in your current state, you'll need to register and pay franchise taxes in your new state. If you registered as a foreign corporation in your current state, you can end it and register in your new state. Even moving to another city will require permits and registration.

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