The HVACLS guide to keeping your best talent

Hiring a new employee is one of the most expensive business endeavors. It's a hard process that takes time, consideration, and a great deal of energy on a manager's part. Good HVAC businesses know that focusing on keeping their current talent happy is more important than expending all their energy toward finding new talent.

Ask what they need

Set your talent up for success. Provide your people with what they need to carry out tasks efficiently. This may be a shift in hours worked, a change in the work environment, or re-writing some traditional rules. Make sure their work-life balance fits your company culture. Don't let them work through lunch. In fact, make it a point to buy the staff lunch every now and then. Pizza does more than feed stomachs - it gains trust.

Ask for their expertise

Remember how great it feels to have your expertise solicited by someone in need. Don't forget the impact of this simple management tactic. Let your employees know their opinions matter; that their role is integral to the company's success. Solicit their opinion and do it often.

Know your role

It's important to remember your role in the company. You're the manager and a leader. Don't get so caught up in the staff's wants and needs that you forget to enforce the urgency of duties that must be carried out. With that comes the responsibility of making sure they learn.

Now, get after it.

Still Hungry?

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