The Importance of Continuing Education Classes: Part 1

By Mike Moore

Continuing education courses (CEC) are crucial for anyone looking to stay on top of the HVAC game. I sat down with our newest HVAC Learning Solutions technical trainer, Kenneth Harris, to talk about making the most of your continuing education courses this year.

MM: Why should technicians consider taking a continuing education course?
KH: Staying on top of industry changes helps the technician to properly install and troubleshoot HVAC equipment that is manufactured with the latest technology. For example, the electronically commutated motor (ECM) is beginning to take over the HVAC industry. Instead of using the permanent split capacitor (PSC) motor, manufacturers of HVAC equipment are installing the more efficient ECM motor into their new equipment, for use as an indoor blower motor and outdoor condenser fan motors.

MM: What are some of the long-term benefits of taking a CEC?
KH: Technicians with multiple skill sets are more valuable to employers. Additionally, HVAC employers are beginning to require employees to have some type of HVAC certification such as NATE (North American Technician Excellence). To maintain a NATE certification, 16 hours of continuing education is required every two years. I recommend that technicians take courses in new HVAC technology areas like solar, ECM motors, electronic expansion valves, and variable refrigerant flow. To help you keep track of your continuing education credits, we will submit your completed course certificates directly to NATE for you! Click here to get started.

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Stay tuned for Continuing Education Part 2 as Mike Moore sits down with HVAC Learning Solutions Technical Training Manager Jose De La Portilla to discuss his top tips for maximizing your continuing education hours.

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