The Importance of Gas Furnace Inspections for Fall

With the busy summer season just beginning, marketing gas-furnace maintenance may be the last thing on your mind. Even though you're focused on cooling equipment, don't wait until fall to begin promoting and educating your customers on the importance of early furnace inspections - Your business could miss out on some big benefits.

So why should you start marketing gas furnace maintenance now?

  • It flattens sales peaks and valleys. Sales can be unpredictable when moving between the slow and busy seasons, but scheduling furnace maintenance appointments well before the heating season can add consistency to your cash flow.
  • It keeps you busy during the slow season. Filling up your late summer and early fall schedule with furnace inspections will keep your business productive during the slower seasons and it allows your technicians more time to devote to each customer.
  • It helps you sell maintenance agreements. Demonstrating the benefits of preventive maintenance through early furnace inspections will show customers how valuable and convenient a maintenance program can be.

Even though it makes business sense to market gas furnace inspections now, how can you help customers understand the importance of scheduling a furnace tune-up for the fall?

  • It's for their safety. Customers may not realize it's unsafe to turn on a furnace for the first time in months before it's been inspected. In order to maintain a safe and healthy home environment, gas furnaces should be inspected before the heating season begins.
  • It benefits their schedule. HVAC systems need an annual checkup to ensure they're in good condition, and scheduling fall maintenance now gives customers a better chance at getting an appointment - maybe even with a discount or promotional price.
  • It's a sound investment. A $100 tune-up is always preferable to a full furnace replacement. Make sure your customers realize getting their gas furnace inspected early can prevent future challenges and keep a little money in their pocket.

Using these strategies to market gas furnace inspections now will keep your customers from being left out in the cold and help your business stay successful during the slow season.

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