The Importance of Practicing Sales

Practicing your sales pitch is a great habit to cultivate. No matter how experienced you are at selling, you should always be fine-tuning your sales pitch so it flows effortlessly from your lips to the homeowner’s ears, and results in a sale.

Here are three tips to help sharpen your sales pitch:

Why you should practice

Practice doesn't necessarily make perfect — it creates a habit. Practicing your sales pitch is a good way to identify and correct bad habits you may not have noticed before. Also, sales preferences for new management or updated product details may create the need to change your pitch, and the only way to master new information is by practicing.

What you should practice

Homeowners don't just rely on the content of your pitch — they listen to the tone of your voice and cadence of your speech to know how important the issue is, and how passionate you are about the product.

Homeowners also try to understand the HVAC terminology you use, which can be difficult if those terms are overly technical.

Most importantly, they judge if your pitch is personable or just another attempt to bring in more cash. After practicing your pitch, ask yourself, "Would I buy from myself?" If the answer is no, find out how to change your pitch to make yourself believe it.

Whom you should practice on

Practice frequently, and with a varied audience. Try selling to neighbors who haven't heard your pitch before or see how well you can sell to your boss. Different people want to be communicated to in different ways, so practice selling to different types of people.

For added motivation, challenge your co-workers to see who can give the best pitch and use peer feedback to better your routine. By thoroughly practicing your pitch and adjusting it accordingly for homeowners, you'll be more confident and prepared to make any sale.

To learn more sales techniques and ways to take your skills to the next level, check out the Master Selling class from Lennox Learning Solutions.

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