The Importance of Reinforcing Employee Skills and Strengths

By Mike Moore

When your employees successfully complete an HVAC Learning Solutions course, a sense of accomplishment and a bit of excitement are to be expected. And why not? Picking up valuable new skills can only make them - and your business - better. But how do you keep the wildfire of education well-lit?

Here are three things you leaders can do to help strengthen what employees have learned:

  • Talk to them about their classes - It's a prime opportunity to see if your employees have absorbed key concepts. Especially with advanced sales techniques, it can be hard to see how lessons apply in the "real world," so help solidify those lessons by explaining why they matter.
  • Set a great example - If you walk the walk of implementing techniques and principles taught in courses out in the field, you teach your employees that it pays to have a well-rounded education and utilize every aspect of it.
  • Use coaching to your advantage - During the weeks after a great training class is when positive reinforcement can come in especially handy. You can make sure employees are incorporating their new skills properly by observing them on the job. Use that opportunity to correct improper techniques and demonstrate best practices.

Remember, everyone benefits long-term from training classes. Not only does training add value to your team - and therefore your business - it also provides you an opportunity to reinforce continuing education. Your customers benefit, too, by having HVAC pros with the latest and greatest training tending to their needs.

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