The importance of tracking leads


What does one lost lead cost you? How many leads fell through the cracks in the last fiscal year? What was the average return on a sales lead last month? Which comfort advisor handled the most leads last quarter? How many of these questions do you have an answer for?

The answers to these questions are the lifeline of your business and boil down to one important practice - tracking leads.

But why is it important to track your leads, and what does that information mean to your business? Tracking leads helps you...

  • Analyze your goals - What gets measured gets results. When you track your leads you have a tangible idea of the amount of business you acquire and execute, which you can then base goals off of to help motivate your company for the following sales period.
  • Improve customer retention - Did Miss Jones buy her unit back in 2012, or 2013? Is it time for her one-year check up, or two? When you have a database of leads, you can use that information to proactively contact the customer for future maintenance and service instead of potentially losing them to a blind online search when their unit needs service.
  • Improve new customer acquisition - When a new sales lead comes through the pipeline, it's vital to your success to make sure the lead doesn't fall through the cracks. Tracking leads helps with initial customer contact, follow up, future maintenance, and service touch points.
  • Track employee performance - Knowing how many leads each team member has tackled comes in handy when it comes down to crunching numbers at the end of the year, or identifying if you need to hire more comfort advisors for the next season.
  • Gauge marketing effectiveness - Did that radio jingle you just run provide any leads? How about the social media advertising you just bought? Tracking leads helps you track the correlation between leads and the effectiveness of your marketing.

Tracking leads is more than just tracking money in and money out; it's about bettering customer acquisition and retention, measuring and setting goals, and staying in the know about your marketing efforts and employees' performance after each and every call.

HVAC Learning Solutions offers an instant download Sales Lead Tracking Toolâ„¢ for dealers with up to $5 million in revenue.


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