The importance of women in your HVAC business

I wrote a blog last year about why women should be selling HVAC. Have you hired any women since then? If not, you're missing out on a powerful force in the workplace and a potential advantage in the HVAC industry.

I often hear people say they'd like to hire women but can't find any with technical expertise. Do all the men you hire have technical expertise? The best HVAC companies train and build their employees, which keeps turnover rates down.

Women can sell to women

Having a woman on your team will automatically give you a selling advantage. In almost half of all households, women make the purchase decisions. I've talked about how to sell HVAC to women, but that's from a man's perspective. It's easier for women to connect and feel more comfortable with another woman.

Their brains work magic

The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences published a report on the differences between male and female brains. The report concluded, “Males have better motor and spatial abilities, whereas females have superior memory and social cognition skills.” This makes women ideal for selling especially because they have an ability to understand the connotations in what people are saying and identify what people really need.

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