The money conversation in 15 minutes

The first 15 minutes is crucial in an HVAC sale. I frequently talk about introducing price upfront, but what happens if that conversation gets too focused and becomes an hour-long negotiation?

Here's how to shorten that critical sales conversation and avoid buyer's remorse:

  • Know your prices well: A dealer I talked to at the Lennox dealer meetings a couple of months ago showed off a proposal application on his iPad that displayed pricing as multiple choice. This made that negotiation process seamless.
  • Don't hold your breath: Price is on the customer's mind before you walk in the door, so stop making them wait. You may be nervous about presenting the price, but most likely, it's what the customer really wants to know before you begin discussing the other details.
  • Be a problem solver, not a product seller: The end goal for yourself is to sell the product that day, but think about how much more willing customers are to buy a product that solves their problems. It also opens up conversations about what I like to call "loyalty agreements" aka maintenance agreements.

How do you make an effective sale in a short amount of time?

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