The Power of One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching is a powerful tool that needs to be leveraged in the learning culture. This vital time spent with each employee will:

  • Build employee loyalty and retention.
  • Let your employees know where they stand.
  • Develop an open-door policy should anything go awry; if the employee makes a mistake, he or she won't feel awkward about approaching you.

Employees will appreciate the instant feedback. Here's how to make room for important one-on-one time:

1. Set up a calendar with open weekly or bi-monthly 30-minute sessions.
This should be a time in which you, the manager, have dedicated specifically to training. It should also be time in which the employee won't be scheduled for service calls. During this dedicated time, let the employee lead the conversation and talk over his or her work. It should be an open conversation in which the employee can discuss issues affecting their work, his or her future at the company, and any triumphs he or she achieved.

2. Give instant feedback anyway.
Whether it's during your coaching session or after your technician comes back from the day's service calls, it's a longtime management technique and well-advised practice to give instant feedback.

Having a coach or mentor in the workplace may help issues get resolved quicker, employees stay longer, and employees work harder.

How do you make time to do one-on-one coaching?

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