The sale you missed and didn't know about


For many of us, the technical side of our business is the "easy" part. It's where our natural talents are, and where our expertise lies. The art of selling doesn't always come naturally, and no matter how many techniques you've learned, or how seasoned you are, you still won't close 100% of your sales.

Just think of your last call - you might have walked away thinking you did all that you could, but did you really?

Here are three telltale signs you left that sale blind.

1. You went in prepared to lose.
Maybe you're having a bad day, or maybe you had a less-than-great experience with this client before. Either way, you went in thinking the sale was already lost, which essentially decided the outcome of the call. Don't be your own worst enemy. The cue that they are interested in your services happened when they made the appointment. They are ready to hire you. Fix your attitude, get excited, and go in positive.

2. You didn't have a game plan.
Is this an initial call or a follow-up call? Do you know where your customer is in the purchasing process? Did you prepare for this call? Pre-planning makes a huge difference, and if you don't have a plan, the chances are good that you won't recognize when to close the sale and it will slip through your fingers.

3. You didn't ask for the sale.
Sometimes, it's really as easy as just asking. If you are waiting for the customer to lead you, you will be waiting a long time. Don't misread their silence as disinterest; they are likely just waiting for the expert (you) to address their needs, answer their questions, and lay out the guidelines. It's just that simple - ask for the sale.

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