The social media marketing skills no one taught you

Sometimes we ignore our HVAC customers - even if we don't mean to. A recent study by Satmetrix says that 55% of businesses ignore customer feedback via social media.

Having a Facebook or Twitter account simply isn't enough. And I'm here to teach you how to be a better social media marketer (and it will take no time, I promise).

Have a plan to respond

A general company-approved message to respond can go a long way in helping you deal with customers who have a bone to pick. You won't be caught off-guard, and that's the most important part in customer service via social media.

Also, assign responsibilities to someone within your organization who you trust with your company's marketing message. This person could be the one who deals with the website, or other marketing techniques.

Be consistent with posting and response

Consistency is so important - customers need to know that you'll respond within a certain period of time. Be sure that the person you assign responsibilities to knows how to regularly check for private messages that may be missed, or how to monitor conversation online about the company (via Google reviews, Yelp, etc.)

What social media marketing for business tips do you have?

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