The three As of interviewing


Want to know the secret to acing your upcoming job interview?  Just be sure you have each of the three As covered:

Appearance: From a fresh smile to manicured fingernails, every element of your appearance counts. If you're unsure what to wear, a more professional appearance is better than a too casual look. Your appearance doesn't just apply to what you are wearing either; consider the case on your cell phone and the bag or briefcase you're carrying - the details matter.

Arrival: Arrival time is crucial to the tone of the interview. If you arrive too early, it's possible the interviewer will feel rushed or worry if he or she recorded your interview time correctly, which can start the interview off on an awkward foot. Plan on arriving no more than 15 minutes early, and allow for extra travel time if the interview is in an unfamiliar area. Be sure to have enough copies of your resume and other requested interview documents.

Attitude: Confidence is key when it comes to having a successful interview. Remember, your resume or job application was appealing enough to get you in the door, so now show them why you could be a valuable asset to their company. Confidence doesn't just come through in your tone of voice; confidence is communicated through your body language from your posture to your handshake.

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