The three sentences you should never say to a customer

There are many wrong things you can say to a customer that will turn them off from your sales call. But these are the top phrases I've heard people say that will destroy any chance you may have on a sales call.

  1. You can afford it. This may seem like an obvious thing to never say, but you'd be surprised how it manages to slip out. As HVAC professionals and people with manners, a potential customer's income should never be a topic of discussion. You may offer your insights as to whether a service is a good deal or overpriced, but never assume to know what they can and can't afford.
  2. Could you call back? We're swamped. I dare you to say it and see how many calls you get back. If you're too busy for a customer, they'll find someone who isn't. If this is a consistent problem for you, solve it by having an answering service or reconsidering your staffing options.
  3. Sorry, we don't do that that. I understand that you can't help it if your business doesn't offer a particular service or product. However, I will not understand if you reject the customer without offering suggestions of where to go or what to take as a next step. A customer will always remember how you helped them find what they needed, and it's good business karma to refer others.

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