The Website of the Month for February: Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.

A professional website and regular social media activity make Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning Inc. February's Website of the Month.

The New Haven, Ind.-based HVAC dealer is hitting all the right notes when it comes to an online presence that every dealer can learn from.

Websites can be a first impression

Your website will often be the public's first impression of your company. Customers will assume that the appearance of your website reflects your service. The Hartman Brothers' website design utilizes art and large clickable buttons to help direct customer's attention.

The first thing I noticed about the website is that its theme matches the company logo, which sits prominently atop the website. Hartman Brothers uses size to make sure customers' eyes go to various portions of the website, like the ability to schedule an appointment, an energy usage calculator, and more.

Phone numbers are located at the top of the page for easy access, but the website also features a clickable button where customers can enter their requests right then and there.

Another eye-catching trick is to use a color that stands out from the background to draw attention. On the website, an indoor air quality exam stands out in blue, compared to the red all around it. The website also includes large button links to Hartman Brothers' social media outlets, and even a blog.

The company's About page is very inviting. It includes a short biography about the company and even a photo of the Hartman Brothers (and sister) themselves. It helps customers feel like the company is established in the community.


The amount of people using their smart phones to view the web is growing, and Hartman Brothers has made sure to capture this demographic.

The website keeps the same appearance on phones, but is just as easy to read and view. The large buttons work well on the smaller platform by making it easy to click around with larger fingers.

Social Media

I want to give Hartman Brothers bonus points for its outstanding use of social media.

Hartman Brothers updates its Facebook and Twitter feeds regularly, and that's a plus. Having an active social media presence means that you're more than just an HVAC company, you're a staple in the community.

What can you take away from Hartman Brothers Heating & Air Conditiong Inc.'s website?

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