Things We've Learned in 2015

By Mike Moore

The HVAC industry is changing. Every year we see it.

From improved regional efficiency standards to the smart technology associated with learning thermostats, the HVAC industry has made a lot of strides.

Here are three big take-aways from 2015 and the opportunities that come with them.

  1. The shortage of trained technicians has to get resolved, and we made little progress in 2015. It's been a problem for many years, but it's more serious than ever. As the baby boomer-age experts retire, we've got to replace them. As an industry, we simply must do a better job attracting younger employees who want to learn the latest ways to help homeowners with heating and cooling needs. If we don't take action individually and as an industry, it's going to get worse over the next 10 years.
  2. We've had a major change in equipment and capability. Today's techs can provide better service because of better and ever-evolving tools and technology. We've got to help them learn about it and learn how to use it. In today's world of instant customer feedback on the Internet and social media, it's critical to utilize all the new technology so techs become more efficient.
  3. We've seen homeowners become more educated than ever about their home's needs and our capabilities. Plenty of other businesses are able to fix their heating and air conditioning units. So we have to work extremely hard to show expertise while translating knowledge into everyday language.

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