Negatives are greater than positives

How many times have you failed in your lifetime? I hope that number is high. Failing is both a crooked path and a right of passage. When you've failed hard at something, it shows that you tried hard. You were ambitious enough to give something a shot. But failing is easier sympathized with than dealt with. It's time to bring out the skeletons in your closet and face your failures.

How to get over a past failure

Everyone will face different consequences. It's how you choose to deal with those repercussions that matter. You've stood up, wiped the dirt off your knees, now it's time to take the first step towards success. Another tip: write down past failures and try to find a common theme. Were there reoccurring issues that impeded success? If so, make changes now.

How failing shapes your future

Failing puts you at more of an advantage than you realize. Through failure, you gained experience and wisdom. Your chances of success are now higher than ever before. It's not time to be discouraged by the past, but motivated by the possibilities of your future.

How it relates to our industry

Whether you've failed as a manager leading your team, as a technician in learning crucial skills, or as a salesperson in closing deals, failure affects us all. Learn from your mistakes, teach those around you, and try again. Always try again.

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