3 reasons to schedule sales lead appointments

Scheduling sales lead appointments for your HVAC salespeople is an initiative that will invigorate your staff. The key is to hand off the responsibility of appointments to someone else and let your sales staff focus on what they do best - scoring the sale.

Here's three reasons why:

1. Form a great relationship.

Your salespeople will form better relationships when they meet with actual customers. Customers get the impression that salespeople aren't interested in going the extra mile with a simple sales phone call. Take the time to set up appointments and meet face-to-face.

2. Let them shine.

Your star salespeople are best when they're actually selling, not when they're scheduling appointments or doing office work. So, let them get out of the office and focus their efforts in other offices.

3. Measure progress.

Scheduling sales calls is a simple way to measure progress, and will help you do long-term planning in your business. Streamline this job to one designated staff member (departmentalizing) and keep track of follow-ups.

Tell us: What has sales lead scheduling done for your HVAC business?

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