Three things to never say to your boss

Throughout your career, you will learn things two ways: the easy way and the hard way. Heed this advice and you won't have to learn the hard way what you should never say to your boss. Here are the top three things your supervisor doesn't want to hear.

  1. "I don't have time for that." I understand that people in the HVAC industry are busy, hard workers. But picture this: a high-level position opens up in the business and it's up to your boss to decide who should take the role. The people who stood up to challenges, and handled anything that was thrown at them are going to be the ones that stand out. So you say you don't have time? Then you may not have a chance to move up, either.
  2. "I forgot." Your boss is busy. There are going to be responsibilities you need to carry out, and no one is going to remember to remind you. When things slip, and the time comes, this excuse isn't going to cut it. Find the root of the problem - the real breakdown - and take responsibility for it.
  3. "We need to talk." These four words are off-putting no matter who they come from. If you need to have a serious discussion with your authority, consider working it more gently. You can still direct a formal conversation without a negative intro.

Did I miss a phrase? Let me know what sentence you would never say to your boss on my Facebook page and check out Three Things You Should Never Tell Your Customer.

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