Three things you forgot at your last HVAC sales presentation

An HVAC salesperson is never done learning. Why? The way we sell to customers is the fastest changing part of the HVAC industry.

As a small treat, I've included some quick tips from our Master Selling class that can take you to the next level as early as this afternoon.


Stop dressing like everyone else with the service shirt. Re-confirm your appointment and be organized. Stay in touch in a unique way. It's that little extra that will keep you top of mind, and help you succeed. Sometimes it's not about what you say; it's about your actions.

Understand Customer Types

No two customers are the same. Women don't want to be interrupted. Recognize her concerns and ask questions to understand her needs. Internet savvy customers have a focus on the value that they're getting and have done their "homework" carefully. No two customers are the same, and some fall in multiple categories. Be sure to identify and prepare yourself as much as possible.

Focus on Reasons to Buy

When you're selling HVAC units, your presentation should hit the reasons to buy on all cylinders. If you leave out any of the customer's reasons to buy, you may be missing out on a huge opportunity to address what they're really looking for.

Still Hungry?

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