Three Tips for Summer Marketing

Three tips for your summer marketing strategy you can use year-round!

Summer is here and you know what that means? Frantic, hot, uncomfortable homeowners will be calling you. Will you be ready to send out your techs to help the customers in need of repairs or new systems?

Now’s the perfect time to implement your summer marketing strategies. Use these helpful marketing tips to take advantage of this busy time of the year to generate more business that’ll last year-round.

  1. Optimize Your Search Results
  2. Homeowners are searching for services online! Make sure your business is showing up in their search results. List your business on Google, Bing, and social media sites where homeowners share information.

    Consider investing in localized pay-per-click advertising using key HVAC words. Capture the vocabulary homeowners use, like air conditioning, A/C, cooling system, and definitely thermostat instead of controls. Paying attention to details like this will help you sustain business growth year-round.

    Need help with your digital advertising? Enroll in the Consumer Advertising and Promotions (CAP) program and get access to top tier agencies that can help you with your marketing and advertising to generate more leads this season.

  3. Evaluating Your Online Presence
  4. Our Lennox Web services System with real-time updates allows you to keep product information updated on your website. To use it, sign up for the Lennox Residential Product Application Programming Interface (API). The API will allow you to query for current, real-time product information for use on your website or for a system that requires Lennox product information. If you’re not familiar with website content customizations, you may need to work with a web developer to integrate the API into your website.

    Are you responding to both negative and positive reviews on sites (including social media platforms) where your business is listed? By taking a few minutes to reply, it not only shows you care about your customers but also keeps your brand front and center for homeowners to see. If you’re a Lennox Premier Dealer, you’ll need to opt-in on, for your reviews to show in the Dealer Locator on Dealers who opt-in to posting their reviews receive 31% more calls than those who don’t.

  5. Keep Your Fleet Looking Sharp
  6. Your techs drive company vehicles to their service calls. What a great opportunity to take advantage of, especially as they’re parked in neighborhoods and busy streets where your company’s name, services, and contact number are in full view of traffic. Make sure your fleet has plenty of business cards, flyers or coupons on hand in case neighbors or potential customers inquire. You never know where your next lead is likely to come from.

    Offer a discount on annual maintenance agreements or include a deal in a system install. These are all great ways to expand your customer reach and generate more business year-round.

    It’s hard to know how effective your marketing is, without a solid process for tracking leads. In this two-hour, online Lead Tracking Series from Lennox Learning Solutions, learn about the importance of a lead tracking system for sales management, and to monitor the effectiveness of your marketing efforts. This series also covers the lead coordination process, and creating a program for technicians to turn over sales leads, for improved results.

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