Three Ways to Perfect How You SPIN

As experts in sales, we're always trying to come up with new and better ways to push our products and services. The SPIN method is the latest and greatest way to uncover your customer's explicit needs through a series of in-depth questions. Here are three ways you can perfect your SPIN technique:

  1. Confidence: When you ask in-depth questions, ask them with an air of confidence. Let the customer see that you know what you're talking about, and that you will not falter. Nobody buys from a poorly prepared salesman.
  2. Concentration: Holding the customer's focus is vital. Look the customer in the eyes and make sure they feel like they're the center of your attention. Eye contact and being a little animated is a way to keep them physically attentive, while asking your quality of comfort questions keeps them mentally engaged.
  3. Practice: To achieve success using the SPIN method, practice your presentation and mock questions with a spouse, neighbor, or co-worker to prepare yourself for your moment with the customer. You only have a few minutes to convince them to buy your product, so you want to be polished and prepared.

Take the time to think through and practice these strategies before your next conversation with a potential buyer. With these tips in mind, your sales process should greatly improve.

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