Tip-toeing around unruly customers

Service jobs in the HVAC field are hard enough without the distraction of a customer's unruly child or pet.

Keep these three tips in mind for a happier customer and self:

Let the kids be

Your tool belt and gear may make you look like a superhero to a junior member of the household. Children are curious, so answer their questions but keep 'safety first' in mind. If your new assistant is getting too involved, let them know you will be sure to answer their questions after you're finished.

Be upfront, honest, and polite

Don't let a child or a pet keep you from doing your job. Let the customer know you are having a hard time getting the job done with the child or pet around. Better yet, relate to the customer by talking about your own at-home companions, but be firm about needing to get the job done.


You're hot, tired, frustrated and can't get the job finished with the distraction around. Let your customer know that your company operates with a high level of service and that you wouldn't want to deliver anything but the best. Avoid any phrases or gestures that could be perceived as confrontational or argumentative, but make sure to let the customer know why it is you are rescheduling so you don't run into the same situation when you return.

How do you handle on the job distractions?

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