Today is going to be your best day at work

How is your day going? Are you having a good day? Is a smile on your face? Or are you having a bad day, glaring at the world? What if I told you that no matter what the circumstances, your day and attitude are entirely up to you? You may not be able to control what the day brings you, but you can control how you react to it.

Add these tasks to your daily to do list and feel your days become happier no matter what the circumstances.

Your new to-do list

  1. Accomplish something to be proud of. Mini milestones achieved daily encourage positive reinforcement and self-motivation.
  2. Treat yourself. Do something you really love, no matter how small, every day.
  3. Give to others. Nothing is more fulfilling than giving, so lend a helping hand to a coworker or someone in need every day.
  4. Take a YouTube break. Know a funny cat video? Take a break with a coworker and laugh. Just a few minutes can have significant impact on your mood and the course of your day.
  5. Follow up. Take the time to follow up with a customer. Call them back. Remind them about upcoming appointments, ask them about past purchases, check in on their overall HVAC situation, and most importantly, thank them for their business.
  6. Jam out. Your favorite music has the power to turn a bad mood 180 degrees. Play the radio while you work, or keep headphones in the office to get your tunes in.
  7. Go outside. Being outside doesn't mean working. Take a break from fixing outside HVAC units by going for a quick walk in the mornings or after dinner when the weather is nice. Scenery, sky, and wildlife are a nice change of view from the daily routine. The sun is especially great for vitamin D and mood enhancement.

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