Tools of the Trade: HVAC sales resources


For a technician, the services he provides are only as good as the tools he uses. So shouldn't that rule be the same for your sales team?

Load calculation tool - The HVAC Learning Solutions load calculation tool teaches your team the three P's of load calculation.

  1. Properly size equipment. Learn how to properly size a customer's unit to make suggestions on new products and accessories, energy savings, and overall unit output.
  2. Be prepared. The more prepared you are, the more confident you are, and confidence transcends your customer communications.
  3. Precise science. In today's market of the informed consumer, an educated guess doesn't fly. Use the load calculation tool to present the customer with a precise and scientific answer. 

Utility cost calculators - The utility cost calculators (AFUE and SEER) assist in calculating an estimated cost of using an appliance per year based on a traditional number of hours and an average of 72 degrees. This information gives the customer the opportunity to make a buying decision instead of being bogged down with a hard sell.

Sales lead tracking tool - This innovative product has three major benefits for dealers. First, it tells you where your leads come from. Secondly, it tells you how many sales you've executed. And lastly, it tells you how much revenue you've generated from all of your leads, where those leads came from and how effective each of your marketing efforts are both across the company as well as the individual statistics per Comfort Advisor (sales, closing rates, product mix, etc.).

Consumer proposal tool - Available on under Partner Resources > Sales Tools, this custom tool lets you build an exclusive solution for the customer's home, comprised of home assessments and buying recommendations.

If a workman is only as good as his tools, how good are you? The HVAC Learning Solutions and tools are easy to use and are excellent resources for closing your next sale. For more tips on closing the sale, visit us on Facebook at

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