Tools That Make Your Life Easier

By Jose De La Portilla

From magnetic dishes to manometers, there are many tools available to make your life in the HVAC industry easier.

Here are some of the most important items you should carry in your toolbox to make each call professional and efficient:

Magnetic parts dish. This tool is an inexpensive solution to keep track of screws and other small parts as you dismantle a system. If you simply replace pieces you accidentally lost with different parts, you risk damaging the system. True professionals put machines back together in better condition than when they arrived.

Disposable shoe covers. Placing paper or plastic shoe covers on your feet before entering your customer's home is an effective way to set a highly professional tone for the call. This not only protects the homeowner's floors, but also gives him or her a great impression of you and your company. While shoe covers aren't quite fancy high-tech gadgetry, they are a critical reinforcement of the idea that you should be respectful of your customer's home and have items on hand at all times that ensure you don't leave a mess behind.

Telescoping inspection mirror. This tool helps you work faster and double-check what you've done if you can't see every part. For an even simpler solution, hold your smartphone in hard-to-reach places to take a high-quality image and use the picture to verify your work.

Anemometer. In order to calculate whether a system is moving the proper amount of airflow, you need an anemometer to measure the amount of air flowing in or out of a register. I recommend the AAB ABM-100 Smartphone Anemometer, which uses a small propeller that plugs into your smartphone to quickly calculate and email results.

Manometer. You can use the AAB SPM-100 Dual Port Manometer with the Stainless Steel Static Pressure Probe Kit to measure pressure inside a duct system. This tool pairs with your smartphone and takes the guesswork out of ensuring a system moves the right volume of air.

High-quality screwdriver. Klein's 11-in-1 Screwdriver can be a big timesaver in a sticky situation. This multiuse tool has 11 interchangeable tips to switch out as needed for any job.

These products, available in Lennox PartsPlus® stores, can make each call more efficient and effective. Check out my videos on YouTube for more helpful HVAC tips and tricks.

Guest blogger Jose De La Portilla is the technical training manager at HVAC Learning Solutions.

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