Training? You've got time for it.

Time is precious. Once you spend it, you cannot get it back.

This may be one of the reasons you feel too busy as a manager when implementing training into your business. Who is going to manage it? How much time is it going to take? Is it worth it? You know my answer to the last question, but I have solutions for the others.

Online is easier than ever

Programs like the new online learning center at HVAC Learning Solutions helps you maintain all training in one place- that place is tied to your regular workflow, so training doesn't feel like a "separate" part of your workday you'll never get to.

Programs that eliminate the time clock race

Learn as you go is the new way to learn. Virtual Build-A-Tech allows students to take a fun and interactive course at their own pace. Your technicians avoid the pressure of getting tasks completed in a certain time (great for 24-hour businesses that work on the customer's schedule, not their own).

Look to your sales support

If you have a territorial or regional manager to help support your sales and growth efforts, take advantage! You shouldn't be alone when implementing training, so be sure to reach out to territory managers or regional managers to help get your team on board.

Still Hungry?

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