Traits of top performing HVAC techs

A great HVAC technician makes all the difference in not only the sale, but also the business' reputation. I decided to outline what I think defines the top traits in an outstanding HVAC tech.


The best techs are up to date on their skills. Do you know how to use super heat and subcooling to troubleshoot? The HVACLS YouTube channel and Virtual BuildATech online training is a good place to start brushing up on HVAC industry standards.


Great HVAC techs develop good rapport with their customers as well as their bosses. A general rule of thumb - when you leave a conversation, other people should feel better about themselves and you.


Another tech called in sick? Now you're scheduled for three extra calls than you originally were planning to make. Flexible HVAC technicians re-route and work them in. "That's not my job" is not an acceptable sentence.

Develop your skills, carry yourself with respect, and stay flexible even in stressful situations and you'll be known in the industry as a highly successful HVAC technician.

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