Truck maintenance that saves you time & money

Vehicle problems can unexpectedly bring an entire day of servicing and selling to a sudden halt - and anger your customers. These routine checks should keep your fleet running soundly and smoothly.

  • Inspect your inspection stickers: Compile a list of each truck and the date inspection and registration stickers expire. Set up notifications when the expiration date is close to ensure everyone is driving with a valid inspection or registration sticker.
  • Schedule monthly maintenance checks: Daily service calls can cause wear and tear on your vehicle quickly, which can cause those unwanted truck problems. By scheduling a monthly maintenance check, any arising problems can be promptly addressed and prevented.
  • Monitor fuel levels: Checking fuel levels each week can be easily done and any problems taken care of before service calls are made. This gives technicians room for peak performances without the worry of gasoline or fluid-levels affecting their sales schedules.

These routine tips will keep your fleet moving like a well-oiled machine. Literally.

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