Tune-Up Time

HVAC is a very seasonal business, and it can be tough to stay profitable during slower months. Offering tune-up time is one way to make it easier.

It's common knowledge that there are major fluctuations in business for HVAC dealers; there’s usually a slow season lull, in between the high-demand periods of heating and cooling seasons. How can your business stay profitable during the slower months? One tried-and-true method is selling maintenance agreements. The other is offering what I like to call “tune-up time.”

Tune-up time gives your business the opportunity to work your customer list and do pre-emptive maintenance for homeowners. Here are a few benefits of using tune-up time in your organization.

It flattens out your sales curve. Because your customers' systems aren't working as hard to perform in the off months, the chances of breakdowns are lower. This means your service techs will not be working as much, bringing in less revenue. Offering tune-ups is one way to make money during the slow season.

Tune-up time provides quality time for preferred customers. Preferred customers, or customers with maintenance agreements, can easily be overlooked during the busy season, so use tune-up time to touch base with them and deliver outstanding preventative service.

It helps you grow your business. Tune-up time provides a steady workflow and allows managers to focus on acquiring new customers, as well as marketing specials.

Implementing tune-up time can prevent burnout. Busy seasons are full of around-the-clock maintenance and require all hands on deck. With a tune-up time period before your busy season, you can reduce the probability of emergency maintenance and lessen your service technicians' workload.

It helps generate additional revenue and sales leads. You will occasionally find parts that need to be replaced. This turns the tune-up into a service call, with the resulting revenue. This becomes a win/win for you and the customer.

Be the reliable HVAC dealership your employees and contractors want you to be. Implement tune-up time today to even out your sales and provide steady work for your dedicated employees before busy season stress begins.

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Make sure you and your team have all the maintenance essentials to make tune-up time a breeze.

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